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We make intermediaries between the taxpayer and the administration, working to ensure that our clients carry out their tax obligations and, thus, guarantee the tranquility.

Want to save time and optimize your business costs? We have technical staff in accounting to support the administrative department of your business activity.

We offer advice on all the necessary procedures to manage and resolve aspects and labor disputes of your company.

Are you an entrepreneur or do you have a business idea on your hands? We advise and manage all the procedures related to the needs of your business. From the incorporation of companies, to modifications of the company’s bylaws, purchase of shares, capital extensions, etc.

To optimize the services offered in the different consultancies, we have the collaboration of professionals.

Applications, renewals, revocations, downloads and custody of electronic certificates of the FNMT:

– Individuals
– Certificates of Representative

taxes and obligations

The value Added tax (VAT) is an indirect tax that falls on the consumption of goods or services carried out by businessmen.

The personal income tax is a tax obligation that falls on the natural person.

Corporate tax is the tax obligation that companies and other legal entities have to pay to the tax agency.

The Income is a tax that records the income of natural persons. In principle, it is used to moderate economic inequalities among people in the same state.

  • Informative statements: (Models 182.184, 347, 349….)
  • RGPD (General regulations on data protection)
  • Digital certificates
  • Annual counts and legalization of accounting
  • Legalization of books of minutes, of partners, of works, etc…
  • Other obligations and procedures with the administrations
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